Thanks to the development of natural science and medicine, modern life has been extended considerably over the last day, as the development of the economy that are increasing the demand for a happy life. To improve a decreased quality of life due to weakening and loss of bodily functions, the introduction of a new medicine that overcome the existing methods of treatment is required urgently.

S&C Biotech (주), realized the commercialization of new products through a process based on the core competency of medical technology and rich experience for researching and developing the new products. And verification for new products from both domestic and international academic, professional business and an authorized test institute has been completed, and patent application also has been finished already.

We, S&C Biotech (주), will develop the ability of the product, quality, technology, and they all out, and will make every efforts to become a leading biotechnology company through substantial revenue growth, the ongoing change and innovation.

We, all employees will do our best to give faith to our customers, to create new value, to make a company globalized, to contribute to human history, and to create more healthy and prosperous society along with you.


Thank you.