K-D is approved medical equipment by KFDA and the Public Health Department

Product Characteristics
Purpose of item
  K-D is to correct the appearance of toenail and mitigate symptoms for deformed or ingrown toenail.
Product Description
  K-D is consist of hook (setting up on toenail) and shape memory alloy connector (unrolling a toenail actively by body heat) to correct ingrown toenail.
Product Characteristics
  1. K-D is sectional item, easy to adjust and set on your toenail.
2. Shape memory alloy makes you easy to handle because it is flexible.
3. Hook material is nontoxic and non-stimulative to skin.
4. Shape memory alloy unroll a toenail actively and remain steady by body heat.
5. You may use K-D for == days, and additional treatment period will be possible.
6. There's little pain because K-D acts gradually by body heat.
Using method and treatment order
1. Ingrown toenail.
2. Straighten a toenail using tool.
3. Measure the width of toenail.
4. Set up a hook on straightened toenail .
5. Tighten up and fix a hook.
6. treatment finished.
Directions for the use of K-D
  1. Before using a device, check a disinfection and cleanness of that device.
2. Check a deforming, damage, or any attached unnecessary substances of device.
3. You MUST follow authorized method or description, and any other way of use is prohibited.
4. If you drop a device to the floor or give it a severe impact, DO NOT use it in deformed, unclean state.
4. Use another one for operation.
5. If you find any rust or deformation on a device, replace it with another one right away
6. Use distilled, clean water for dropping temperature of a device while operating, if a room temperature
6. is above 24.
7. Dry a water on device which is used to lower the temperature of a device.
8. Keep a device away from any possible chemicals which can rust, discolor the device.
9. Make sure that fixing hook and connector are assembled tightly.
10. This device is disposable. Throwaway after using it.
11. Use authorized device when you put an unfixed hook and connector together.
12. You must get a doctor's prescription for using a device.
How to keep products (product keeping method)
  keep it from hot and humid place. Put it in indoor temperature.
Expiration date
  5 years available from packaging date.
Package unit STS
  STS Pipe, Individual packaging for elastic alloy.